Losing Visitors day by day is most scariest thing. If your website if failing to gain more visitor then usually you need to check few factors, factors are responsible for slowly, but surely your traffic numbers decline despite not having changed much anything about the way you publish content for optimize your website for the search engines, these factors given below, read on and take action against decline in your visitors rate.


                       Top 5 Reasons Why You are Losing Visitors ??


1- New Competition

There are too many search engine optimization pros think they are doing something wrong without considering the possibility of increased competition rival sites poaching their users. So you got to do SEO right by Google and by producing killer content face the competition.

2 – No clear purpose for the site

The company or business owner is not clear about the purpose or outcomes that they want from their site. If you’re not clear about what your site is about, what you outcomes you want or what the content is going to be to support the purpose, then it’s a good bet your visitor is going to be confused too and they’re not going to hang around for very long.

3- Content doesn’t match with the headline title

Remember, when your ideal client is doing a search on the web and they see search results on Google or Bing or Yahoo, or they’re seeing a link posted on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, typically they see only the title of your blog post or article. If that is sufficiently compelling, they’re going to click on the link. To keep that visitor the content must match the promise of the headline title and it must be compelling.

4- Poor navigation

Your visitor can’t find what they want or expect in a few seconds. Make sure you have very clear navigation, preferably along the top of your blog and also some key navigation on the side bar to meet visitors choice.

5- No Search option available on your site

Make it easy for your visitor to drill deeper into your site. Add a search tool that will search the content only on your site vs all of the Web. This functionality is built into some platforms. Make sure people can find the content that they’re looking for on your site or they’ll look elsewhere.

Enjoy Hacking

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