What is the best way to learn Kali Linux ?

Best way to learn Kali Linux?.Let me clear it first You dont need Kali Linux to hack.Before answering original question let me clear few myths.

  • Kali does not give you anything extra.All the tools which are packed in Kali can be downloaded and installed in any Linux distribution.
  • Kali have have 750+ plus tools .The number sounds so intimidating as if we will hack everything like from Wifi to satellite with kali.If you are looking for pletohora of tools checkout BlackArch it has 1800+ tools.
  • In reality how many tools you will be using hardly 20 may be 25.
  • What kali does it wraps and organizes tools in logical manner Like there are sections for Information Gathering, exploitation,password cracking,wifi Hacking and password hacking etc. You can browse them easily.
  • You dont have to be kali expert all you need is write tools an internet connection and your ability to understand what goes behind the scene,how system works,how to find loopholes and exploit them.
    Now back to the original Question.

Best way to learn Kali Linux:

I will give the list of tools you must focus to get your things done in Kali Linux

  • For information Gathering : Maltego – for gathering information of person,websites.
  • Nmap – For finding open,closed ports,detecting IDS,firewall,Target’s Os and scanning networks,bypassing firewalls etc,.
  • Dmitry,theharvester and dnsmap for digging websites information like ipaddresses,sub-domains,emails etc.
  • For Wifi: Dont waste your time on wifite,fern etc. Practice aircrack ng,wifiphisher,Kismet and linset.
  • For Hacking Website if website is vulnerable for SQLinjection use SQLMAP.
  • Want to scan website for vulnerabilities use owasp-zap,vega.
  • Other utility tools : burpsuite.
  • Exploiting browser : BEEF
  • Cracking passwords : John the ripper.
  • Social engineering : Social Engineering Toolkit

And best of all The mighty Metasploit. You can do everything with it.
You can create payload for very device Android,windows,Linux.You can hack web servers,websites in short everythong best open source tool out there

Metasploit is not a single tool it is collection of tools . It has 1500+ tools and hundreds of payloads and best part you can modify it’s source code if you lnow ruby ofcourse.

These are the tools you will be using most of the time.There are other useful tools too.But like i said you will be using these tools most of the time.

There are several tools External Tools which are not pre-installed with Kali.However they are as important as metasploit or BEef.

  • DVWA: Install install dvwa (Damn vulnerable web app) on Kali Linux 2.0 .
    with DWVA we can test our web app pentesting skills on your local machine on legal environment.You can practice xss,sqli,lfi,rfi,bruteforcing etc.
  • Nessus: is monitoring tool you must have it How to install nessus on Kali Linux 2.0
    Most important thing for Hackers is Anonymity.
    So install tor with proxychains to anonymize your attacks and scans how to configure tor with proxychains in Kali Linux 2.0 .

Enjoy Hacking 🙂

Surf Safe 🙂




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